Progenicare is now a part of Isto Biologics



Progenicare is a national medical sales and service company based in Austin, Texas.  We support surgeons and hospitals, by providing innovative biologic products for regenerative applications.  The company delivers best-in class education and service combined with innovative biologic products.

Independence, a dedication to customers, and a focus on innovation are the driving elements of the Progenicare culture. We’re committed to delivering nothing but the most innovative products and services—and keeping them affordable. We focus exclusively on the needs of the biologic market and have a specific emphasis on orthopedic, spine, vascular and cosmetic indications.

Our associates are highly trained and experienced professionals who seamlessly integrate into the operating room environment to provide consistent and reliable service while also delivering first-class technical expertise.

Corporate FAQs

What is the company mission?
Our mission is to improve the quality of patient’s lives through the introduction of innovative products and services.

What does Progenicare mean?
The Company takes its name from “progenitor cells”, which are stem cell-like cells found in adult organisms that act as a repair system for the body.  This regenerative association dovetails with the word “care”, which symbolizes the Company’s emphasis on customer service excellence. Our customers depend on us to provide best-in-class service as well as innovative regenerative products.

Where is Progenicare located?
Progenicare headquarters are located in Austin, Texas but we provide products and services for our customers throughout the United States.

Why we are different?
Education and Service.  While products are certainly critical to our customer value proposition, Progenicare believes customer education and service are important ingredients for success.

An aspect of the service delivery model is the act of educating customers.  Too often medical device sales are about other things, such as relationships or economics.  We believe data and science should be front and center.

At our heart Progenicare is a service company.  We hire the most qualified professionals to represent the company in the operating room and the service level reflects this.  If service delivery is excellent and patient outcomes are positive then we’ve done our job.

Why is customer education important?
Progenicare believes that an informed customer results in the best surgical outcomes.  Our team of evangelists have PhDs, MDs and other advanced degrees that allow us to engage customers at a high level.  Modern regenerative medicine is complex and confusing and the customer is inundated with information related to biologic solutions.  Our goal is to help our customers sift through this information to come up with solutions that help deliver the best surgical outcomes.  Progenicare believes in providing the most innovative biologic solutions and we work to make sure our customers are knowledgeable and informed.

How is the Progenicare service model different?
A distinct separation of sales and service makes our model different.  Other organizations typically have sales professionals in the operating room.  We try to avoid this dynamic and instead have highly skilled clinical professionals, who are trained as nurses and surgical techs, managing the OR environment.  This difference is subtle but meaningful and highlights Progenicare’s desire to deliver service excellence while remaining aligned with the interests of the patient.